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The Code93 barcode was designed by Intermec in 1982 to improve the density and data security of the Code39 barcode.

It is an alphanumeric, variable-length symbology. Code93 barcodes are primarily used by Canada Post to encode supplementary delivery information.

Each symbol contains two check characters. The character encoding of the Code93 barcode consists of 3 black lines and 3 white lines, a total of 6 lines, and each character occupies 9 equal parts. Code93 barcodes are more compact, more secure, and narrower than Code39 barcodes. It is used in military and automotive fields.


Each character consists of 3 black lines and 3 white lines, a total of 9 modules.

Each barcode contains two check characters to increase data reliability.

By using four additional characters ($, %, /, +), it can be expanded to a Full ASCII Code93 barcode, supporting 128 characters.

Its structure is as follows:

A start character*

Encoded message

First modulo-47 check character "C"

Second modulo-47 check character "K"

Stop Character*

Termination bar


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